About Annie

Who's Annie? 

My life has been filled with constant change.  I survived and rose from the ashes of childhood abuse, an ever-hungry and curious spirit, seeking growth, knowledge and change. 

​I was invited to attend a lecture given by a woman who delivered lectures in trance, another great and powerful beginning.  As a young woman in my 20’s,  I had my talismans and my treasures and in that same box was the copy of the lecture I had attended at the home of Eva Broch, later to become Eva Pierrakos.  The name of the lecture was “Frozen Life Centers Become Alive”. 

9 years later, I found myself on top of a mountain in the Pathwork Center, which was led by John and Eva Pierrakos.  

For 4 years, I studied  the lectures of Eva Pierrakos, Humanistic Psychology and Body Psychotherapy in the form of the great work done by her husband, John Pierrakos, called Core Energetic Therapy, (a process of uncovering and releasing all that which keeps one from reaching the true CORE, Spirit or Heart). 

I moved to Amsterdam in 1981 and  reconnected with my ex-husband, whom I had met at the Pathwork Center.  We co-founded an institute in Germany in which we worked with and trained people to further the teachings of John and Eva Pierrakos, to explore the depths of oneself; one's thought processes, one's physical condition and one's feelings.  I was one of the lead teachers for 16 years. 

In the Institute, we also gave teachings of the different character structures, the feelings associated with them, their beginnings and their effects on self and others in the form of communication, transferences and counter-transferences, i.e. a deep approach to enhanced Emotional Intelligence and the level of exchange it can elicit. 

We also had a son, Christian, who is the Light of my Life.  And he has a son who is shining the Light VERY brightly on his Granny. 

There were Women's Empowerment/Process Groups in Berlin, Germany,  for a period of 16 years.     Women of all possible paths came to this group, straight, gay, married, single, mothers, judges, motorcycle mechanics, architects and artists, and all, through the work, found a sisterhood in their common growth.  Some are friends to this day.  

 I returned to the States with my 12 -year -old son,  divorced with no spousal support, and set sail.  I went back to school and finished my bachelor’s degree, started lo those many years ago, and decided to get my degree in music, another huge and important part of my life.  I did 4 years of Graduate School in music at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, where I studied Jazz and Composition. 

I became a music teacher, to put my son through private school. I taught performance and strings and band.  I taught children and adults in college.  Needing to return to my work, I did a year of training as a Core Energy Coach and Energy Leadership Index- Master Practitioner and received my certifications through iPEC.  

I have also, over the years performed as a singer in different capacities; jazz vocalist, singer/songwriter, country rock and harmonies, hard rock with a Russian rock star and her band with whom I spent three years doing musical projects in Berlin and in Moscow, during Perestroika  (1989-1991), and some R&B.  I still perform about three times a week.   I sing in venues around Sarasota, and my CD, " In a Midnight Wind" is being pressed right now and will be available sometime in October.  In April, I will go to Germany to put the finishing touches on my CD "Songs of Body and Soul" which is compiled of all original songs from my life.  Both will be available on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, etc.  

So now, the Core Energy Coaching Process from iPEC Coaching and the experience I gained from my studies and work in Core Energetics, meet, as one,  And Music guides my spirit. 

This is my commitment to be of service to others;  I am excited, a child in awe, to see others rise and grow.