Empowering Women



There are so many of us. It has happened to us in a myriad of ways. We each have a unique experience, but the devastating effects are the same.  

Those effects are anxiety, anger, self-destructive behaviors, alcoholism or drugs, deep feelings of being betrayed, learned helplessness, the feeling of absolute powerlessness, a deeply damaged feeling of self -worth, and problems in creating a healthy relationship. Many, if not all of us, have recreated the trauma and experienced abuse in later life. 

This work will address the underlying dynamics and address how we can build awareness to change the negative patterns that have occurred as a result of the trauma.  


Women Beyond Survival, Online & Live

Please accept this  invitation to participate in the next upcoming  Women Beyond Survival Group . Reach out now to take your place in this new Empowerment group.  

The online group will  meet weekly  for one and a half hours.  This will continue for 16 weeks.   There will be sharing, coaching , and an educational component.  You will receive worksheets and reading assignments.  This will enable us to  work through  different levels of energy and discover the key to regaining your absolute creative power.   

You will become transformed through your knowledge of self and the power of the group, 

We will meet on Zoom for these weeks, and those who wish to go that step deeper will be invited to a Weekend Retreat for further work, in person, at the  end of the 16 weeks.  

The work will have an educational component and there will be reading and homework.   This can be a profound process and being surrounded by sisters is a big part of the healing. 

If you want to enter into this transformative process, contact Annie now on the Contact Us page!


This group will meet once every 6 weeks for a full weekend ( Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday until 1pm. My group in Germany had this format and it served us well.  We always had an Intensive Retreat for 5 days in June.  

Since this is new,  I would have to discuss the needs of the group, but this allows for sharing, for movements to open the energy system, conceptual work and, of course, the process.  Then, there is time for assimilation, healing and return to the Self.  



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"I participated in Annie's seminars, for a period of 6 years.   First, I visited a therapy group and then ended up doing my training in Integrated Bodypsychotherapy based on Core Energetics (Pierrakos)  with her.

In both groups,  she was one of the two senior therapists. Annie is a very versatile therapist who has profound knowledge and a wealth of experience. Above all, I like her intuitive and spiritual,  (but not dogmatic ),  way of working.

Annie is not afraid to confront the participants in the seminar in a direct, but always engaging and humane way with the hidden aspects of the self.  She is always genuine, respectful and supportive. Especially, her infectious, never-hurtful humor and her creativity are the choice of methods.

Thus, in her  seminars, despite the seriousness of the themes, there is always joy and ease.   I am very grateful for the fact that I have been given the opportunity to assist in Annie's long-standing women's group, where I learned a lot."

Prof. Dr. Dorothee Heckhausen, Professor of Management, Quality Management and Ethics in Health Care, Evangelische Hochschule Berlin

"The Women's Workshops I experienced with Annie Addington were just stunning!  She has the awareness to capture one's verbal and nonverbal expression, either as a direct or hidden message, then she focuses on how to help you, the client, understand teh workings of your Self, empowering you to make your own changes and decisions . All this happens in a creative atmosphere, surrounded by laughter, tears and music. " 

-Karin Koberling, Germany 


FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION!  Let's find out if the group is for you!  

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